Gayle, Aberdeenshire

We booked a bronze casting session with Eden for our brother's 50th birthday and the experience was memorable in all of the best ways. After enjoying Maxine's warming and delicious breakfast, Eden led us through this amazing process step by step, bringing fun, insight and of course fire! We loved the day and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in this technique or simply looking for a different way to mark a special occasion. We ended up with unique bronze casts that we'll keep forever. 10 out of 10!

Alan and Emma, Cullen, Moray

Mr Melty – Brilliant!! I cannot thank Eden and Maxine enough for the afternoon of learning and fun regarding the cuttlefish workshop and bronze works with my daughter. Mr Melty arrived and instantly engaged my daughter to the activities, all assisted in setting up equipment, activities explained, all equipment, tooling, PPE and safety aspects implemented and then the fun begun! Great, different activity that was enjoyed by both myself and my daughter, again thanks Eden and Maxine, Emma also loved the ice cream cone!

Phil Gaiter; Rector of The Gordon Schools, Aberdeenshire

The Gordon Schools in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, highly recommend and endorse the services of Eden. He has worked with extremely disengaged S3 & Senior Phase pupils as well as whole classes studying Art & Design. The end results were extremely positive in both cases! Our disengaged pupils returned to school life more confident and focussed, ending-up in positive destinations. One of them won School Prizes in Art & Design later in their school career and another went on to Art College. The Art classes loved the fire and forge experience, really capturing their imagination and stimulating their creativity. Eden is very inclusive, has a great approach with young people and gets the best out them. Give his services a go – everyone ends up with a smile on their face!

Nicola and Phil, Northumberland, England

My brother has learning disabilities and has visited Eden and his family over the past few years. Each visit has included time spent with Eden at his forge and furnace. Philip has created some amazing and beautiful pieces of cast bronze with the support and guidance of Eden. I highly recommend attending one of his courses

Iain, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire

Spent a great day , getting steel and myself hot! and with Edens guidance knocked up a knife a candleholder and a twirly steel coat hook and other decorative item. Eden is great and lets you get on with things giving just the right amount of input and instruction. The chat is for free ! Highly recommend

George, Regents Proferssor Emeritus, Atlanta, USA

Eden possesses an amazing number of technical skills combined with an engaging personality and great work ethic. He gets the job done!

Andy, Aberdeenshire (forge and stone carving workshop)

Thanks for your time and tuition! Both the forge and stone workshops were great- would definitely recommend people to try if they are curious

Sarah, London, England (formerly Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

You never forget the first time you see a metal forge in action, all the colours and the smells of an ancient world - full of danger and promise and searing heat. I remember seeing the different flame colours as the metal heats up and being completely transfixed, growing up to follow a career in chemistry as a result. Eden always created an atmosphere of great energy and creativity, and was the mastermind behind so many of my favourite childhood memories - creating a huge mural in the school hall, pouring out metal depictions of the local area, treasure hunts as little red riding hood in the woods, and the unforgettable village Gala. Whenever he came to school we knew it would be a day full of magic and exciting adventures, and I am really grateful for the sheer creativity and fun that was forged there.

Ana, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Eden has a wealth of knowledge and experience making sculpture in a range of materials, which include bronze, iron, steel, wood and stone. He has a positive “can-do” attitude, and is a problem-solver. Without Eden’s advice and help, I would not have managed to make the three bronze, life-size figure sculptures or the smaller, but just as challenging, sculptures.

Lucy, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Eden came to my friends stag do to do an iron pour. Some of us got to get involved with the pour and we all got a unique and everlasting memento from the day. It was a good laugh and something memorable and completely different to what I've done before on a stag!

Ben- Artist and curator, USA

Working with Eden is an extraordinary experience. He is extremely knowledgable and good at sensitively passing on that experience and knowledge. However, more to the point, he is one of the most positive and engaging people I’ve been blessed to work with. If we were talking a five star rating system, I’d give him six!

Mary, Arizona, USA

I have known Eden for over25 years as a master craftsman and expert in the foundry and metal forging arts, to mention a few of his many skills. He is a true professional and is known and respected internationally. Eden is exceptionally generous as a teacher and mentor. He is helping and giving at every turn, and has an incredibly deep body of working knowledge in the field

Mary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

I have worked with Eden Jolly in various capacities over the last 30 years. Working with Eden is always hugely rewarding and enjoyable, while you also have the reassurance of knowing you are in safe and expert hands.

Stephen, Technician@Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Scotland

Eden Jolly is a truly illuminating, empowering and thoroughly entertaining master of his crafts. You'll love working and learning with him, and want to do so again and again.

Coral - Sculptor and Educator, UK/USA

My experience working with Eden over the past twenty years or so has always been an honor. He is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable about his craft and on top of that his approach is caring and fun. He is a generous teacher and mentor to a diverse range of students and artists; I only wish we could work together more often!!

Hollie, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire

It was a great afternoon - really enjoyed the creative process making something unique to take home! Eden is very personable and friendly (Cuttlefish casting course)

Jane, Drumblade, Aberdeenshire

Really absorbing - Eden's instruction and humour made it fun and broke the ice and enabled us to feel confident to give it a go. A really fun achievement! (Cuttlefish casting)

Rachel, Strachan, Aberdeenshire

The creative process, the social connection, learning a new craft- great hosts and demonstrations! (Cutttlefish casting)

Gill, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire

Fun activity that was informative, mindful and engrossing. Great company, nibbles and fizz! Mt Melty - what a character! Little extras included such as blankets and pens - such a treat (Cuttlefish casting)

Matt -Owner / Educator at Toole Sculpture Works, LLC, USA

I have worked with Eden on a variety of projects for over 24 years. His expertise in the field of metal working and sculpture is unparalleled. He is highly competent and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He maintains a high level of professionalism and brings a great enthusiasm to teaching others about the craft. Eden Jolly has been a great mentor to so many people and continues to share the joys of making.

Stephen, Glasgow

Eden came to my friends stag do to do an iron pour. Some of us got to get involved with the pour and we all got a unique and everlasting memento from the day. It was a good laugh and something memorable and completely different to what I've done before on a stag!

Robbie; Aberdeenshire

Good instruction and information with the task in hand (cuttlefish casting)

Maggie; Aberdeenshire

The atmosphere, the freedom to create, the skill of Eden and the friendliness and professionalism of Maxine (cuttlefish casting)

Emma; Aberdeenshire

Fantastic venue - really enjoyed the hands on demonstration and loved making my casting. Very informative and friendly (Cuttlefish casting)

Sean, Aberdeenshire

The whole workshop was well planned and executed (introduction to stone carving)

Georgiana (age 9); Kildrummy; Aberdeenshire

I enjoyed carving the cuttlefish bone. You are so good you do not need to improve (cuttlefish casting)

Lynn, Aberdeenshire

I just loved the relaxing artistic experience - a great learning opportunity which was really great fun - well done Eden and Max (cuttlefish casting)

Rueben (age 10) Aberdeen

I loved carving out cuttlefish and turning the handle for the furnace. It was really exciting and fun (cuttlefish carving and bronze demo)

Alistair; Aberdeenshire

I enjoyed the whole process from thinking of a design to finished item (cuttlefish casting)

Vaila; Aberdeenshire

I enjoyed everything! Tuition, practical work, pouring, breaking the mould, refining finished article (cuttlefish casting)

Ella (age 8) Aberdeen

I loved pouring in the metal. It was so much fun and I feel so happy (cuttlefish carving and bronze demo)

Corrie, Aberdeen

Thank you Max and Eden for making such a special, memorable experience and for engaging with the children so well (cuttlefish carving and bronze demo)

Lynne, Aberdeenshire

Enjoyed the whole process - very well explained at every stage - pleased with my finished piece. Lots of info and loved watching the furnace. everything was done so well - excellent! (cuttlefish carving and bronze demo)

Scott, Aberdeen

What a fantastic day, and the knowledge and skills passed on by Eden, were mind blowing to say the least, the whole experience was one that will not end just as the day finished but will always be a talking point in the future, this is something that can be enjoyed as an individual and also as a group or team building exercise if the discussions in the car are anything to go by. A great set up totally health and safety orientated, but loads of fun and full of facts to amaze, well worth it on all accounts. Thank you Eden for sharing your skills and above all your excellent knowledge 🥳🥳